22 January, 2020

EO community shares #GEEImpact initiatives

The earth observations community is getting behind an online campaign to share their favourite Google Earth Engine initiatives. The campaign, which requires users to use the hashtag #GEEImpact, allows the community to highlight how Google Earth Engine is used to demonstrate the impact we have on the planet. 

EO Data Science started the campaign following the announcement of the GEO-Google Earth Engine program, which was launched at GEO Week in Canberra last year. 

The Director of Google Earth Engine, Rebecca Moore, Director Secretariat of GEO, Gilberto Camara and Executive Director of EO Data Science, Nathan Eaton, announced the USD $3 million program which aims to bridge the gap between science and application of projects that aim to enact positive environmental change with the use of earth observation technologies. 

The program aims to significantly drive social change inline with the Sendai Framework for disaster risk reduction, The Paris Agreement (UNFCCC COP21) and The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

EO Data Science is providing up to $1 million USD in inkind technical support and outreach services to GEO member countries in the program and created the #GEEImpact campaign to get the community thinking about more ways we could be using Google Earth Engine to make a positive difference in the world. 

“We want to celebrate the Google Earth Engine initiatives that already exist, but we also want to stem inspiration for projects that haven’t been created yet. Google Earth Engine is a powerful tool and with the formation of the GEO-Google Earth Engine program, it is easier than ever for people to get started. 

“EO Data Science will be on hand to provide support and mentoring for successful applicants, we are looking forward to seeing what people will come up with” - Nathan Eaton, Eexcutive Director, EO Data Science. 

Some of the initiatives that have been shared so far include: 


The campaign has also received the endorsement of Rebecca Moore, Director of Google Earth Engine, who encouraged people to “share [their] favorite #GoogleEarthEngine projects, from advancing geoscience to real-world applications and solutions using #GEEImpact”. 

If you have an initiative you want to share, join the conversation by using  #GEEImpact on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin. If you have a GEE project you’d like to submit to the GEO-Google Earth Engine program, visit this Medium blog article for the link to the application form.

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