Improve operations with actionable insights 

The utilities industry faces a range of dynamic pressures as populations continue to grow, including the need for a more environmentally sensitive, sustainable and cost-effective approach to operations. Earth observation (EO) satellite data and remote sensing can be used to provide utility companies with actionable insights that are both sustainable and commercially effective.

By leveraging EO and remote sensing methods, utility companies can:
  • Conduct asset monitoring and forecasting
  • Assess risk management
  • Monitor when infrastructure maintenance is required
  • Ensure that operations are meeting compliance standards

Maintaining operational excellence

Whether it is oil and gas exploration or the maintenance of pipes and wire lines, communication about location in utility operations is crucial. It is even more essential with customers’ increasing service demands and restrictions imposed by environmental and regulatory agencies, requiring timely and accurate location information.

Applying Earth observations capability to a utility company’s decision support system can make the provision of cleaner and more secure energy, power and water possible. Resources can be more accurately matched to user needs and provided at a lower cost.

Mitigate and proactively manage risk

Natural hazards can significantly impact a utility company’s infrastructure and service delivery. If not properly managed, it can have catastrophic consequences. Earth observation methods can provide hazard data which is used to evaluate, forecast and assess potential risks associated with natural hazards, such as the susceptibility of a house to bushfires or flooding.

Furthermore, remote sensing and satellite imagery can help utility companies evaluate the health of power lines and other infrastructure, deploying maintenance crews when required and monitoring the impact and risk of vegetation encroachment on assets.  

Improving utility access in developing countries

Leveraging satellite imagery offers a wide range of opportunities for developing countries’ to improve access, management and distribution of reliable utilities such as electricity, gas and water. 

For example, using Google Earth Engines high-resolution satellite images, a country like India can identify optimal routes for utilities that minimise impact to existing infrastructure, settlements and the environment. This can be used when developing a transmission line to increase access to electricity or track vegetation conditions to identify trees that need pruning near transmission lines.

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