access to globally consistent spatial and temporal information


Monitor the mining life cycle from exploration to rehabilitation

Earth Observation methods and data, combined with the scaling power of Cloud technology,  presents unique opportunities for the resources industry through the access to globally consistent spatial and temporal information.

The methods and tools used to collect and process spatial information can assist mining companies with the monitoring and assessment of each phase of the mining cycle, from exploration, operation, closure, reclamation and rehabilitation. 

EO data is proven to be a reliable, affordable and trusted information source that fosters better dialogue between national and local stakeholders in the resources sector.

Environmental Compliance

Earth Observation data provides the capability at scale to monitor the impact of mining activities to ensure compliance with environmental regulations. Through significant satellite imagery archives spanning decades organisations are able to ensure the responsible and sustainable development of natural resources through the analysis of impact on vegetation and ecosystems.

Analytics can be extended to incorporate:
  • Climate change
  • Water monitoring
  • Dust modelling and
  • Ground disturbance

EO solutions support mineral resource operations

Significant benefits are brought to the industry through the access to globally consistent spatial and temporal information. For example, the mineral resources sector makes use of Earth Observations for the prospecting, exploration, operations and logistics planning, closure, reclamation and rehabilitation of sites. 

Earth observations methods support these activities in a number of ways: 

  • Land surface type mapping
  • Fire modelling and mapping
  • Land motion/subsidence mapping
  • Closure and rehabilitation planning
  • Non-intrusive access to remote regions

Detect and combat illegal mining operations

Countries affected by illegal mining experience both significant economic and environmental losses - illegal mines cause environmental disasters, human trafficking, conflicts and death.
However, Earth Observations is becoming a powerful prevention tool for updated and effective monitoring of these illegal practices.

For example, high-resolution optical and radar data can detect vehicles, irregular excavation and changes in tailings pond extent. Access to this content is used by:

  • International organisations assessing threat from organised crime 
  • Governments monitoring natural resource extraction 
  • Mining companies monitoring their own concessions

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