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By leveraging remote sensing capabilities and scalable Cloud technology, EO Data Science transforms pixels into answers and insights for organisations looking to leverage a world of data to address specific outcomes. 

Earth Observations can help us monitor ocean temperature, quantify disturbance activities, monitor vegetation health, detect land change and analyse the impacts of climate change.

Algorithms + Satellite imagery = Real world impact

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Google Earth Engine is a content agnostic earth observation platform for change detection, monitoring and analysis at scale.
Use the data that comes managed through Google Earth Engine, complement it with your own data and take advantage of scaleable Cloud technology to create tools that will enhance your organisational impact.


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Market leading partners

EO Data Science has access to the data and technology that give organisations the edge they need to glean meaningful answers and insights. With partners such as Google Earth Engine, EO Data Science can provide scalable and fit for purpose solutions with a focus on multi content solutions that deliver scale and accuracy where required.

How can

EO Data Science transform your operations?

EO Data Science loves to look at the world from space to answer questions about our planet, but we can also help you get the information you need to transform your business or reach your organisational goals. Get in touch with us to collaborate on your next project!

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