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Global precision agriculture platform

Industry leader spins off to serve global need

In 2017, Wesfarmers through their subsidiary CSBP Limited launched the startup Decipher, which is taking one of the most exciting digital innovations in agriculture to the world.

Decipher delivers high performing and intuitive digital precision ag products based on an enormous amount of experience and collective intellectual property in the Wesfarmers group.

Decipher products have been designed by growers for growers. The aim of decipher is to put data to work to show land and productivity using a range of insights. Decipher represents an investment by Wesfarmers into a technology business aimed at farmers in Australia and internationally.

NGIS and EO Data Science provided the mapping capability to measure the biomass of crops using Google Earth Engine technology.

Finding data insights globally

Decipher wanted to help farmers understand their crops better in season so they could make informed decisions about applying nutrients that would affect yield. The focus was to enable farmers to do more using insights from their data.

Decipher was born out of value adding services at CSBP, but their market was only in Western Australia and the goal was to take the technological advantage farmers had enjoyed at home to the world.
“The service is touted as a breakthrough in user-friendly, cloud-based digital mapping and data storage for farmers striving for greater efficiencies.”

- Australian Financial review

Building from existing platforms

The product DecipherGO is the result of years of development and real market testing of its innovations from CSBP. It builds on the platform FERTview, which is already in use and uses the technology Green Precision, which was co-developed by NGIS.

Using Google Earth Engine and a bespoke architecture, NGIS and EO Data Science delivered a Digital Farm Pilot, which turned into production design and development of FERTview, a game changing precision agriculture innovation that is transforming crop nutrition practices.

Decipher uses the technology of the Green Precision Project, which uses cutting edge cloud technology to deliver vegetation analysis across the entire world in a free and open website. For the first time farmers and agronomists can see the variation in plant health across the world and use this to make better decisions.

The app has an aggressive development plan that will see the rapid release of a number of ground breaking features. Decipher represents the best of breed ag tech leveraging cloud computing, satellite imagery and digital mapping.

A scalable approach to take on the world

The combination of globally enabled spatial technology and great design has allowed CSBP to form the break away company and make it into a scalable profit making centre for the business.

At the time of writing, Decipher had more than 1,000 paying customers globally. The Decipher platform is in full swing and the DecipherGO mobile web app is available on both Android and iOS.

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An awarded project 

Decipher was presented:

  • The award for Innovation and Commercialisation at the 2018 National Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards (APSEA).
  • The J.K Barrie Award for Industry Excellence at the 2018 National Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards (APSEA).

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