11 May, 2022

How remote sensing can help project engineers deliver, on time and on budget.

If your role is to ensure a project is delivered on time and on budget, you are familiar with the efficiency required to ensure this can happen. Project Engineers are often the person in a team tasked with ensuring that the work proposed can be completed in a safe and timely manner. Sometimes that work might be a bridge upgrade, an entirely new structure, a dam wall or other. Without all of the necessary information to hand, how would you be able to determine whether the work is feasible, or even if it is able to be completed on time and within budget? That’s where EO Data Science can help, with our knowledge and expertise in remote sensing. 

How can remote sensing help plan infrastructure development?  

EO Data Science is a team of skilled data scientists who are familiar with the use of remote sensing (also known as Earth Observations) technology for surveying a site. Let’s take a hypothetical job as an example. Imagine there was a proposed road widening project on a major highway that runs through Sydney and south towards the South coast. In the wintertime, we can expect the environment surrounding the road to get wet and muddy, so is widening the road safe and feasible to undertake? How wet has this land become with previous rainfall? How quickly does it dry to construction-suitable conditions? What measures would need to be put in place to ensure the long term safety and viability of the construction project and the resulting busy highway? 

With remote sensing technology we can integrate imagery with GIS tools to map proposed developments and dynamic ground conditions, helping you to predict the outcome and feasibility of a project. Some of our most recent work has included: 

  • Assisting a global engineering company with the extension of a major highway. 

  • Helping government departments plan for future infrastructure upgrades. 

  • Helping a range of public and private entities track and report vegetation impacts.

  • Providing relevant datasets to a state-owned enterprise for measurement of vegetation growth around and near their assets. 

  • Helping global consumer goods companies assess ESG risks in their supply chains.

​What kind of datasets can we provide? 

We have access to a whole suite of technology that can assist your project needs. As remote sensing experts, we are adept in both Google Earth Engine and Google Cloud, in addition to integrating the right data for your needs such as Sentinel, Planet and  a wide range of environmental, climatic, and social variables from other public and private sources. Following the hypothetical example above, perhaps we would need to undertake a feasibility study to determine the suitability of this road widening. You might need the rainfall data collated from the region and the state of New South Wales over the last 20 years. We can access the local rainfall data, aggregate the rainfall and display this for you, with consideration to the purpose and requirements of the study. 

How about if you wanted to display aggregated rainfall data alongside or collated with aerial imagery, or even drone imagery? Our team can configure the data to your requirements, ensuring the result is fit for purpose, whether that be a digital surface model, a series of multispectral surveyed site captures or an alternate data visualisation designed just for you. 

We know that the majority of stakeholders and decision makers involved in the project will need information displayed to them visually, allowing them to quickly grasp the implication of certain decisions. Our expertise and experience, alongside our close relationship with the geospatial team at NGIS, enables us to deliver exactly what you need to finish the project on time and within budget. 

If you are interested in utilising our services to deliver your next project, or you are curious about how we can help you by leveraging remote sensing technology—reach out to us here.

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